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All-in-one wellbeing & recognition software for the modern workforce. It's the first platform made with HR & employees in mind.

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Why we created Training Amigo.

You have a mission,
so do we!

We recognize managing culture & wellbeing is not easy. However our software leverages artificial intelligence, data / analytics, and engagement tools to streamline the process for organizational success.

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How Training Amigo is different


Artificial Intelligence provides daily tailored tips, recommended health journeys, and wellness adventures.


Easily manage company wellbeing initiatives, events, challenges, rewards, data, champions, and more.

Future of health and wellness.

Real Time Data
& Analytics

Employers get a better understanding of how to improve wellbeing and engagement and address potential health concerns.


We value financial wellbeing so we've made it affordable and don't overcharge for users.

What is the Training Amigo software.

Artificial Intelligence to improve culture and well-being.