Why Biometric Screenings?

Understand Your Health

Your weight alone does not distinguish how many pounds are fat and how many pounds are lean muscle. Regurlarly monitoring your body fat and muslce mass will give you a better understanding on how to tailor your diet, lifestyle and exercise needs. Knowing whats working for you can help you reach your health and wellness goals more effectively. 

Improve Your Health

What we are made of impacts our health, appearance, work and lifestyle. Too much body fat increases our risk of developing diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Carrying too much weight aslo places uncessary strain on our joints, heart and vital organs. 

Understand Your Diet

Base metabolic rate (BMR) testing gives employees the ability to get specific detail on how many calories they need to consume per day. The BMR is the minimal number of calories needed per day to sustain life at a resting state without exercise. 

Improve Your Diet

We can better tailor a diet to each employees individual wellness needs and goals with their BMR. 

My health/body assessment with TrainingAmigo was fantastic! Easy, fast and comprehensive. All I need as professional/athlete living in New York City.

Maria Romashko, Estée Lauder

Giving our employees the ability to receive a comprehensive look at their own health, allowed them to take a more proactive approach to their health and wellness goals.

Christos M. MTA

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InBody Biometric Screenings

Our biometric screening test employees: Body Fat percentage with a 5 segmental analysis, BMR (Base metabolic rate) tells you how many calories are needed to consume per day, Dry Lean Mass & Total Body Water, Lean body mass & Body fat mass, Weight & BMI

Biometric Screening Results Sheet

Employee receives their results sheet within seconds of completing their biometric screenings. They receive an in-depth look at their health and can learn ways on how to be more proactive for their own health and wellness needs.