Why Corporate Challenges?


Set up or schedule company challenges and get the word out via Training Amigo notifications and response system. Our software makes tracking and organizing wellness events seamless and efficient.


The best way to progress towards success is to challenge yourself and your team. Learn how to implement the most effective strategies to help yourself and your company reach their wellness goals. 


Create even more positivity and productivity through recognition. Everyone can be a winner, so let the games begin and recognize your team for engaging in and completing challenges.


One of the greatest ways to motivate employees, to fully engage in a wellness program is rewarding them for their success. Let us help your organiztion elevate and expand your wellness initiative with our built-in points and rewards system.

Detox Corporate Challenge

Start your corporate challenge with a company wide detox and cleanse. Employees will see the results they want, while jump starting their health and wellness. Companies will receive the engagement level to initiate wellness consciousness within their wellness program.

Challenge Employees Worldwide

Having the ability to create a worldwide corporate challenge will get better employee and engagement and participation. We have the ability to create customized challenges or choose from an existing challenge such as 21 Day Detox, D Stress Your Life, Ab Ripper, ABC-Diet, Walk Around The World, Faster Than A Hare, Swim Like Dolphin and Strong Like Bull.