Workplace Recognition

Let employees know their work is valued and appreciated

Company Achievements

Achieve company-wide wellness
success by promoting teamwork
and individual acknowledgement

Milestone Bonuses

Gamified wellness experience allows
employees to earn points for every
achieved goal to unlock rewards

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Easily celebrate work anniversaries,
birthdays and events

Recognition Benefits

Increase employee motivation

Strengthen work environment

Boost morale

Improve employee retention

Reinforce positive workplace culture

Reduce employee turnover

Peer Recognition

Increase genuine expression of peer appreciation

Reasons to use our peer recognition

- Fosters a high-performing culture that encourages communication
- Increases company-wide feedback to promote employee engagement
- Promotes a culture of health and well-being throughout your organization
- Increase friendships, or "amigos" in the workplace
- Build a loyal team

A Recipe for Success

No setup fee

No employee minimum

Simplified pricing

Only pay for enrolled employees

Complete Wellness &

Engagement Platform

Training Amigo automates tasks so you can focus on your business.