Why Health Fairs?

Connect with Others

Jumpstart your wellness program by connecting with colleagues who share similar interests in fitness and exercise.  

Learn More about Yourself

Take a deeper look at what you're made of with our unique biometric screening process. Learn how to approach your health and wellness goals with a professional wellness coach. 

Discover New Technology

Learn how to set up and track all of your activity through your smart device. Use this information to help lower health care costs and improve your fitness.  

Take Away Tools

Achieving optimal health is not one dimensional. Once you have educated yourself on your health and wellness goals and started tracking your activity, use your progress to inspire those around you. 

Inactive employees cost cooperations an average of $1,543 per year in additional medical claims.

Center for Disease Control

14 to 36 lbs = the amount of weight you would lose by not drinking 1 sugar filled drink for a day for a year.

Men's Health

Learn more about how our health fairs can help your company


Create Awareness within your Organization

We believe it is necessary for all employees to be aware of how they can benefit from their wellness program. Initiating a health fair is a highly efficient method to connect and educate everyone on their health. Let us help you organize a health fair customized to your company's needs and goals.

Align Your Company's Wellness Goals

Every employee has their individual goals and so does your organization. Health Fairs can be utilized as a tool to get a high number of employees in line with your wellness program. Let us learn more about your overall wellness initiative so we can tailor Health Fairs specific to your company's needs.