The 21st Century Workforce and What It Wants

The 21st Century Workforce and What It Wants

The 21st Century Workforce and What It Wants

They want to embrace new work attitudes and philosophies

Chad Perry writes in How Old School Management Kills Work Culture for TechCrunch that most of Senior Management is composed of Baby Boomers, Middle Management is Gen X and Gen Y, and everyone else is a Millennial. So much has been written about Millennials-- both good and bad, but one thing is clear-- they are changing the modern workplace. Perry makes the point that they, our colleagues in their 20’s, are bringing very good things to corporate culture.  For example, they value a thank you more than a bonus. In contrast to this, claims Perry, old school management tends to ignore the positive things that employees do, but call attention to mistakes and to what went wrong. This squashes innovation, collaboration and job satisfaction. Millennials want to make money, sure, but they also value meaning in their jobs. Since they are our largest employee base, it would be a mistake to ignore the changes they bring to the office of the 21st century:

“They are a generation that craves instant recognition and gratification. They measure their world on how fast and how many likes their latest social posting received. But that also means they’re self-correcting and guiding. Once they hit that magical recognition status, they know they have dialed it in, and that’s the behavior they’ll keep repeating.”

Training Amigo is ahead of the curve

At Training Amigo, we also understand that the MIllennials are different. And maybe the difference is as profound as the radical changes of the 1960’s--only time will tell.  And maybe this difference stems from the paradigm shift from analogue to digital.  However, it is undeniable that this is a generation built on social platforms.  This is one of the reasons why we have built software that builds on engagement to connect employees-- to track training and progress. This is also one of the reasons why we have customized health and wellness solutions that provide training programs, videos, articles and seminars.  All of this is a way of integrating meaning and connection into health and wellness.  For example, employees can track data efficiently by automatically syncing fitness devices: FitBit, Jawbone, Withings and more.  The social media style platform encourages employees to create and join competitions, track workouts, join company events and competitions.  

As Perry writes:

They are a generation that seeks constant feedback, mentorship and guidance.

Training Amigo provides the feedback, the mentorship and guidance that is highly valued not only by the Millennials, but for the rest of the