Why Wellness Coaching?

Apply Your Fitness Knowledge

Once you have an understanding of your fitness level, it's time to design your exercise regimen towards the goals you desire. This will help you get results in the safest and most efficient manner.

Apply Your Nutrition Knowledge

The old saying goes, "knowing is half the battle." This is true for your nutrition too. Knowing your caloric needs and the specific foods that are right for you is half the battle. Applying this knowledge to develop healthy eating habits is the other half that will truly make the difference. 

Apply Your Lifestyle Knowledge

After you have learned and understood the lifestyle choices you make, both good and bad, you can then practice towards developing the behaviors to balance your life. Practicing wellness is not about eliminating all the vices in your life, it's about finding the right balance to improve and maintain your health and happiness. 

Apply Your Stress Knowledge

As within your lifestyle, after you have developed the understanding of the positive and negative stressors in your life, you can then make meaningful changes to not remove stress from your life, but manage it. Remember, stress is good, but only in certain doses.

I was pleased that I was able to talk with someone who was understanding and supportive through this process of self-analysis.

Myah Stone, SBC Global

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Actions Speak Louder Then Words

Everyone has their own individual wellness needs and goals and we take this very seriously. We make sure every employee receives his or her own plan of action on how to reach their wellness goals, while learning how to overcome any obstacles they had previously faced.

Nutrition Is Key

We all have our own nutritional goals but we also have our own nutritional needs. We educate every employee on the importance of eating healthy, while informing them on proper nutritional intake needed for their lifestyle and fitness goals.